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Industry Vocational Education Services and Training (InVEST) has been set up to assist companies in determining the best path to follow when looking at training staff and managers.

Determining what is the most appropriate type of training to use and whom to deliver the training to meet the needs of the company and its’ employees is a challenge that many business owners and managers struggle to find time for.


In addition, business owners and managers often lack expertise in this area leading to decisions about training being made which do not always deliver the expected outcomes.


Issues can range from training that ends up not being fit for purpose through to no training happening because of confusion.


Often when training occurs there is limited resources (and sometimes knowledge) available in the workplace to support the learning. In short, Invest will relieve this pain point for businesses, we are training brokers for industry.

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Invest are training consultants and managers for Industry offering a professional training brokering and facilitation service to industry across New Zealand.

This service provides a complete solution for all training needs an organisation may require which will take the stress, confusion and hassle away from business owners and managers.

The Invest team are passionate about seeing individuals grow and provide personal support to every trainee and to assist them to reach training goals and aim even higher.


We believe the greatest resource a company and business can have are their people, at all levels, so we also help employers to grow their staff by liaising closely with management, team leaders and trainers to ensure strategic and productivity goals are achieved.

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