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Our mission is to empower individual New Zealanders and grow industry productivity and NZ Inc through upskilling and training for individuals in the workplace.

Invest believes skills at all levels should be recognised and cultivated where possible to develop both individuals and productivity across NZ, and importantly, help develop confident knowledgeable individuals.


We believe achievable fit for purpose industry training outcomes are available to anyone - anywhere in NZ.


The Invest team are passionate about seeing individuals grow and provide personal support to every trainee and to assist them to reach training goals and aim even higher.


We believe the greatest resource a company and business can have are their people, at all levels, so we also help employers to grow their staff by liaising closely with management, team leaders and trainers to ensure strategic and productivity goals are achieved.

After many years- experience assisting people to learn and gain new knowledge and recognised skills, the Invest team still get huge personal satisfaction seeing their trainees delight at achieving new levels of competence and most importantly self-belief that never existed. Motivating for all parties.


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