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  • Irrigation Level 2. The basics of installing and maintaining an irrigation system.

  • NZ Cert Primary Industries Level 2. Entry level for all primary industries covering basic industry tasks and the health and safety responsibilities therein.

  • NZ Cert in Horticulture General Level 3. Covers the subjects of Plant Science, Growing Environment, Plant Health, Propagation and Cultivation, Growing Systems.

  • NZ Cert in Horticulture Production Nursery Level 4. Covers the subjects of Nursery environment, Operations, Crop selection, crop protection, equipment, management and marketing, HR.


  • NZ Cert Horticulture Production Fruit Level 4. Covers the subjects of Production operations, crop protection programmes, crop management techniques, HR.


  •  NZ Cert Horticulture Production Viticulture Level 4. Covers subjects as above.​

Literacy & Numeracy

  • Skills Highway application and management. Utilize government funding to raise the literacy and numeracy levels benefiting the company by raising productivity, increase H&S awareness, digital literacy, communication skills, leadership communication.

  • Individualised assistance. Again, Government funding can help employees one on one, or in small groups to help with any issues that are impeding understanding and progression of literacy and numeracy skills.


  • Level 2 First aid. Basic first aid skills.

  • Train the Trainer – bespoke micro credentialed training. Let us help you train your staff to train their team by enhancing their communication, organisational skills, and understanding of training styles to allow them to be better trainers.

  • First Line Management level 4. The next step in management. Managing workflows, Motivation, Communication, diversity, and leadership styles.

  • Project Management Level 4. Train to apply skills to initiate, plan, execute, and close off a project under broad guidance.

  • Bespoke Leadership Training. From your CE to your emerging leaders let us help you to develop and organise customised training that will optimise success for your company.

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